Jim Clancy Arrangements for
Barbershop & Choral Groups

Jim Clancy has arranged more than 220 songs since the 1970s. While most of his arrangements were created for four-part male voice parts and have been performed by The Vocal Majority®, many have been arranged specifically for women’s voice parts. And now you have access to many of these arrangements! More arrangements will be added in the months ahead.

  • On the Songs page, you’ll find every title available at this time, with the ability to sort for song type, gender, difficulty, contestable, etc.

  • Many of Jim’s most requested song arrangements are now available as a downloadable PDF file. More are being added to the site all the time. Be first to know when new arrangements and goodies (like learning tracks and orchestral accompaniments!) are available.—sign up for New Item Alerts.

  • Each product (song title) page includes details about suitability for male/female, chorus/quartet, difficulty, and sample pages of the arrangement so you can see the key and vocal range.

  • Some of these arrangements are for advanced performers and tailored for their voices. We’ve assessed and stated the difficulty of each arrangement from 1-to-5 (easy to difficult).

  • Songs in the Contestable category meet Barbershop Harmony Society and Sweet Adeline International competition requirements.

  • Most product pages include a reference, or “listening,” recording of a performance of the arrangement.

  • We also offer learning tracks for sale for a growing number of Jim’s arrangements. More to come, soon! Sign up for New Item Alerts to be notified.

  • The purchase price for each arrangement is shown on each product page (credit cards or PayPal).
    Please note that once an arrangement has been purchased, there can be no refunds.

  • After purchasing an arrangement, you’ll immediately receive an email with a pass code (valid for 24 hours) that gives you access to immediately download the full arrangement in PDF format.

  • In many cases, you will be responsible to pay a copyright fee to the original publisher—also known as “clearance”, as detailed in the following bullet point. Details about whom to contact is shown on each product page, where applicable. For Jim Clancy copyrighted songs, the per-copy fee is included and no further clearance is required. If you plan to record, then the standard mechanical licensing fee of 9.1 cents per unit would apply.

  • Clearance requirement. Publishers require that the performance of many songs is “cleared.” That is: there is a licensing fee, depending on several variables. For those that require clearance, we have arranged with the BHS to facilitate and streamline the process for you. Click here for more details. Here are the steps you’ll take upon purchase of Jim Clancy Arrangement that requires clearance:
    • Add the arrangement to your cart
    • Fill out the Arrangement & Reproduction Request Form
    • View your shopping cart
    • Either continue shopping or go to the payment page