Performance Clearance Application

For compliance with music publishing industry regulations, you are required to obtain a clearance license for some of the Jim Clancy Arrangements. Others, under Jim’s own copyright, do not have this requirement. Each product page states whether clearance is required. For your convenience, you can filter the list of song arrangements to show just those that do, or do not require clearance, or all songs.

Where required, we have arranged with the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) to assist in securing the license. This license authorizes the creation and distribution of the arrangement, allowing the Society to distribute it to your chorus or quartet. 

Here are the steps:

  • Add the arrangement to your cart
  • Fill out the Arrangement & Reproduction Request Form
  • View your shopping cart
  • Either continue shopping or go to the payment page
  • When purchase of your Jim Clancy Arrangement purchase is completed, you will directly be emailed a link to download your PDF song arrangement files, learning tracks, orchestral accompaniments, etc.
  • BHS will do its research on your clearance request for each arrangement, and will contact you separately about exact clearance costs and payment.

License costs vary, depending on the copyright holder, number of copies, time and materials cost, medley uses, and other factors.  However, most single song arrangements typically range $75–$150. It usually takes 30–60 days to turn around the paperwork from most copyright holders; however, some holders respond within a few days.

You completed and submitted request form for each song arrangement authorizes the Barbershop Harmony Society to seek the clearance on your behalf. If you have questions, please contact the Society Music Library directly at 615-823-3323 or via email.

Below is a listing of what you’ll be asked on the form. When you add each arrangement you add to your shopping cart, you’ll fill out the actual form, before proceeding further.

Sample BHS Arrangement & Reproduction Request Form

  • Today’s Date

Applicant Information

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Quartet/Chorus/Group Name
  • Director’s Name
  • Song Information
  • Song Title
  • Composer(s)/Writers(s)
  • Copyright Year (if known)
  • Copyright Publisher(s)
    • Research,,,, sheet music, and/or other copyright-related resources for this information

Arrangement Information

  • Arranger(s) Name(s)
  • Voicing
    • TTBB (Low)
    • SSAA (High)
    • SATB (Mixed)
  • Number of Copies Needed
    • One copy per singer is required by law.
  • Date of Competition
    • Fill in if this arrangement is for contest. Otherwise, skip.

Payment Information (for the clearance)

You will not be charged until clearance is in place and you are notified of the total amount due.

  • Bank Card #
  • Card Expiration Date
  • CVV/CVC #
  • Alternate Payment Methods
    • Instructions will be sent to you with clearance
  • PayPal
  • Check or Money Order


Fees for arrangement music clearances vary by song and copyright holder (publisher). Some copyright holders also charge extra fees for additional voicings of an arrangement (TTBB, SSAA, SATB). You may email the Society Music Library ( anytime for an estimate on a particular song you would like to arrange. Processing time to clear an arrangement request is typically 30-60 days, but may take longer especially if medleys or multiple publishers are involved.  Rush requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis and may incur additional fees. Only male voicing (TTBB) will only be cleared for an arrangement unless otherwise specified on your application. We will notify you if a requested song, voicing, territory, etc. cannot be cleared by the Society on your behalf. Should you cancel this order, a $50.00 cancellation fee will be charged to you.

The Barbershop Harmony Society as licensee will employ reasonable best efforts to secure the requested permissions on your behalf for the song arrangement indicated on this form.  However, copyright owners by law maintain control of their works and have the right to set any fee, determine turnaround, and even reject the request outright. For this reason we cannot guarantee licensure in whole or in part for any arrangement and reproduction request, and we also cannot guarantee timing or even that we will receive a response from the copyright holder(s).

Requests can generally only be processed for arrangements that will be used in the USA and/or Canada. For all other territories, contact for assistance and information, as copyright laws, restrictions, and processes are territory-specific.

Your submission of this completed form to the Society for clearance processing indicates your understanding of the Disclaimer/Notice/Terms.

Additional information and resources regarding copyright are available at our website,,, and other reputable copyright-related websites.

Thank you for entrusting the Barbershop Harmony Society for your arrangement clearance needs!

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