Texas Medley (Shorter Version) — Men


Texas Medley (Shorter Version) — Men


Men’s Arrangement

Difficulty: 2 (1=Least, 5=Most)

Clearance required*

An exciting and entertaining Texas medley will be a huge hit on your next Western-themed show anywhere in the world!

This is the shorter version consisting of :

  • Intro and tag from the movie, “Giant”
  • Yellow Rose of Texas
  • San  Antonio Rose
  • Deep in the Heart of Texas

*Clearance instructions. Contact Alfred Music at permissions@alfred.com or by mail:

Alfred Music
11320 Roscoe Blvd.
Suite 100
P.O. Box 10003
Phone: (818) 891-5000
Fax: (818) 895-2369

When filling out the information, you’ll need to list the publisher of each of the medley songs:

  • Giant
    • Publisher is Warner Bros Inc.  Contact permissions@ alfred.com
    • Words and music by Paul Francis Webster & Dimitri Triomkin
  • Yellow Rose of Texas
    • Jim Clancy Copyright, public domain.
    • No clearance needed
  • San Antonio Rose
    • Bourne Music  C
      • info@bournemusic.com
        • 212-391-4306
      • or Harry Fox Agency- attn: Mechanical Licensing Dept
        • Fax- 646-487-6779
  • Deep in the Heart of Texas
    • Melody Lane Publications, Inc (BMI)
      • 212-265-3910
      • www.peermusic.com
      • Contact Alfred publishing at permissions@Alfred.com.
        • They may ask for music and lyrics. List Don Swandler and Jane Hershey

You will receive a tracking number and email confirmation with a code number. You will receive an email (which may take a few weeks) requesting the fee. You can pay with a credit card. Then you will receive the “license” with copyright info. That, along with your confirmation of payment, will be your copyright clearance, or “license.”

Alternatively, you can contact them at: publishingperm@halleonard.com

Sample images are for your evaluation. Your purchased arrangement will, of course, will be complete.

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Clean recording may be purchased on Vocal Majority albums (Digital download only):

  • From Texas With Love