Believe — Bundle: Men’s Quartet Arrangement + Learning Tracks


Believe — Bundle: Men’s Quartet Arrangement + Learning Tracks


Men’s Quartet Arrangement + Learning Tracks Bundle

Men’s Quartet Arrangement without Learning Tracks >

Difficulty: 3 (1=Least, 5=Most)

Clearance required*

Beautiful soundtrack number from 'The Polar Express'. This arrangement of the Josh Grobin hit is extraordinary! Some 5-part chords.

Other arrangements: Men’s Chorus andWomen’s

*Clearance instructions. Contact Alfred Music at or by mail:

Alfred Music
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When filling out the information, you’ll need to list the publisher:

Warner Olive Music LLP ( ASCAP)/Jobanala Music (ASCAP) & Aerostation Corp./Universal-MCA Music Publishers, division of Universal Studios, Inc. 

You will receive a tracking number and email confirmation with a code number. You will receive an email (which may take a few weeks) requesting the fee. You can pay with a credit card. Then you will receive the “license” with copyright info. That, along with your confirmation of payment, will be your copyright clearance, or “license.”

Alternatively, you can contact them at:

Sample images are for your evaluation. Your purchased arrangement will, of course, will be complete.

Upon purchase, unzip the downloaded zip file into the PDF arrangement file, plus 4 separate learning tracks (MP3 format).

Listen before you buy — see below.

Arrangement performed by Vocal Majority.

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Clean recording may be purchased on Vocal Majority albums (CD or digital download):

  • Believe

  • Comfort & Joy